Content cloud for immersive applications.

Content in immersive technology not only needs to look right, it also needs to function correctly. Our content cloud platform makes your application reach your entire audience!

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The Challenges: of content for immersive tech

Fractured Ecosystem

At Odd Atom, we see a fractured immersive ecosystem that is made up devices of varying capabilities, a multitude of 3D formats, and different 3D environments. All of the differentiation makes it difficult to build content delivery solutions that can accommodate the entire ecosystem.

Portability of Properties

Currently, immersive content gets its meaning from the environment that utilizes it. Because of this relationship, content cannot exist without the environment. Allowing the content to define itself is crucial to allowing that content to be represented across multiple immersive environments and technologies.

Scale and Efficiency

Because of the fractured ecosystem, it is difficult to build solutions that are efficient and can scale. Immersive content poses a unique set of challenges that require costly workflows and processes that are prohibitive to scale.

The Solution: A Content Cloud For Your Immersive Applications

Our content cloud for immersive applications allows developers to create immersive functionality and properties for their 3D objects; creating smaller, faster, and more productive applications.


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